CNA Classes in Maryland

Maryland’s distinctive system for nursing qualifications makes it stand out as an exciting place to take the first step in your medical career. Becoming a CNA in Maryland, one of the few states to encourage progressive programs for CNAs is an important first step for those who want to branch out in nursing along several different paths, including geriatric care and home help. As a state with increasing diversity and demographic changes, now is the perfect time to become part of the community that keeps its people healthy and thriving.

Starting work as a CNA in Maryland involves gaining a license, and after this continuous training is needed to branch out into specialties. Your registration must also be renewed every two years. However, it is not as overwhelming as it seems – CNA classes can be found in a whole host of high schools, nursing, and retirement homes, clinics, and colleges, and because of Maryland’s unique system, your classes can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, the initial process is quick! The required amount of training and experience for a CNA certification is 100 hours, though this might vary by course.

Maryland CNA Certification Requirements

There are some requirements you a person must meet before they can become a CNA in Maryland or even start classes. The most important are:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Have proficient English, math, and reading skills – these may be tested, though a specific high school diploma is not necessary.
  • Pass a fingerprint criminal record background check.
  • Consent to physical screening for contagious or limiting diseases.
  • Have a record of up-to-date immunizations.

Maryland CNA Training & Testing Costs

To gain a CNA certification in the state of Maryland you must pass a state-approved course. These must have a minimum of 80 hours, at least 40 of which must be dedicated to clinical training. Most courses do end up taking longer. This combination of in person and classroom training is designed to make graduates job ready to work straight away, and CNA training is often taken in tandem with other specialized courses to optimize preparation.  You must schedule the official exam yourself, and both skills and knowledge testing come to around $105.

Certification costs vary depending when and where they train. CNA classes in Maryland will cost on average between $600 to $2,000 for tuition, plus textbook costs, uniform costs, and the like. The initial certification costs around $20, which raises upon renewal to $40. Some workplaces offer free CNA training in exchange for employment completing your certification. For a list of locations offering free CNA training in Maryland, follow this link.

Free CNA Classes & Nurse Aide Training Courses in Maryland.

If all of this sounds like CNA classes might be right for you, the following list are a few suggestions on where to get started. Each of these facilities offers training or classes. Some may be free, while others require tuition payments – please contact the organizations directly through the linked website for further information.

Course ProviderCityPhone
Caton ManorBaltimore(410) 525-1544
Baltimore City Community CollegeBaltimore(410) 462-8300
Caroline CenterBaltimore(410) 563-1303
Top Knowledge Healthcare InstituteBaltimore(301) 602-4564
It Works Learning Center, Inc.Baltimore(410) 626-0200
Morning Star AcademyGaithersburg(301) 977-7393
Hagerstown Community CollegeHagerstown(240) 500-2000
Compassionate AcademyHyattsville(301) 332-9699
Nurse One IncLanham(301) 459-8899
Dominion Academy & Healthcare ServicesLanham(240) 770-7774
Vision Allied Health InstituteTowson(443) 520-0801
Carroll Community CollegeWestminster(410) 386-8000
Stein AcademyWindsor Mill(410) 922-4910

CNA Training in Baltimore, MD

Community College of Baltimore County. This program is great because it focuses on getting both the CNA and GNA (geriatric nursing) training done at the same time. There are several grants and tuition waivers available depending on circumstances, and as a community college this course places a strong emphasis on continuous education. Finishing the 1-3-month course gives a Continuing Education Workforce Certificate, and access to a Continuing Education academic record. The full course costs about $1800, or $1909 if you haven’t got the prerequisite qualification.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. As a medical care facility, Johns Hopkins is the place to go for hands-on, real life training. Since it is an academic teaching hospital, all medical personnel are also full-time faculty, and several different programs are available for CNA and other nursing training. They can be contacted at 410-550-7900 for further information.

Patterson High School. As the most diverse school in Baltimore, Patterson is a great place for young people from different backgrounds who want to get an early start on their career. It’s possible for young adults to graduate from high school already holding a CNA qualification. They can be contacted via their website, or on 410-396-9276 between 8:45 and 3:35 on weekdays.

CNA Training in Columbia, MD

Aspire Medical Training Academy. The training offered by Aspire is tailored to part-time learning. Classes run on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and the course is 80 hours long. A deposit is required, but full tuition does not have to be paid until the last class is over (about five weeks after classes start). Issues with payment can be discussed with staff as required.

Columba Nursing Assistant Academy, Inc. As an academy specifically focused on CNA training, this is an up-and-coming place for new CNAs to train for their qualifications. They do not currently offer scholarships and their website is under construction, but information can be found on the above link. The program is 130 hours and is within a mid-level price range, though more information can be found by contacting them directly at 410-701-7415

CNA Training in Rockville, MD

Montgomery College. The college offers a comprehensive class to prepare for the CNA examination, as well as offering GNA training. The fees are extremely reasonable for MD residents, usually under $200 altogether, with an extra charge for students from out of state. They also offer scholarships and tuition waivers, information about which is available on their website.

Additional Maryland CNA resources

The above information will help you get started on the path to becoming a qualified CNA and beyond. The information below will help as your career progresses, or with further educational goals.

Maryland Nurse Aide Registry

To contact the Maryland Nurse Aide Registry use the information below:

Maryland Board of Nursing
4140 Patterson Avenue,
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 585-1900
Fax: (410) 585-8042

Out of State CNAs

CNAs from out of state must go through a slightly different process before they can begin to work in Maryland. They must:

  • Possess a full and valid CNA license from their previous state
  • Prove a good record with the previous state’s nurse registry
  • If not listed on the state registry, undergo 100 hours of training
  • Have no evidence of abuse or neglect on current license

CNA Renewals in Maryland

Your Maryland CNA license is good for two years, after which it must be renewed. The cost of this is $40, and all other specialties (i.e., the GNA certification) must also be renewed when the CNA license expires. The renewal can be done by post using a money order, or online here.

How much does a CNA make in Maryland?

Like with any job, the location in the state and the employer mean that wages can vary between roles. On average, a CNA in Maryland makes $15.05/hr or a salary of $31,310. Those in metropolitan areas tend to make more than rural, but of course there is a higher cost of living in cities. More experience and more education helps lift the pay rate incrementally, and this is a career with continuous development opportunities to help you thrive.