Basic Path to Becoming a CNA

For those aspiring to become a Certied Nursing Assistant, there is a process you must undergo.  While each state across the country has a different protocol to become a CNA, most states follow a similiar path:

CNA candidates will have to complete a state approved or certified CNA training program.  Training programs can be held at a college or high school, a health care institution,a technical career center or even the Red Cross.  Training programs generally constitute two modules – a classroom module and a clinical module.  The minimum number of hours for the classroom session depends on the state, but it is normally around 75 to 90 hours, with the clinical module consisting of a minimum of 12 to 20 hours.

Once these hours are completed, a CNA candidate must successfully pass a CNA examination.  CNA examinations also vary by state.  However, most CNA exams are broken down into two sections.  They are broken down into two sections – a written examination and a clinical, hands on examination.  The are basic skills that the candidate has studied within their CNA training that are tested on the CNA exam.

Once exams are passed, a candidate will register or submit their information to that state’s board of nursing or the state’s nurse registry.