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CNA Resources

Being a CNA can be difficult. We’ve assembled a collection of resources to help make things easier for both current and aspiring CNAs. The following resources will assist current CNAs with learning more about continuing education requirements and contacting important nursing organizations. These tools can help a CNA quickly find the contact information for their states nurse aide registry, check their license status, or answer questions about transferring their license to another state.

For aspiring CNAs we have detailed accounts of the various roles and responsibilities that come with working as a certified nursing assistant in most care facilities like assisted living centers or nursing homes. The detailed descriptions of the various tasks a CNA must perform can help you decide if becoming a CNA is the right position for you. 

  • Learn the CNA skills test categories. One half of the CNA exam includes a skills demonstration. The number and type of skills can vary depending on your state and your testing provider. 
  • Find CNA classes near you. We have one of the largest databases of CNA classes in the United States. 
  • Are CNA online classes a good option? There are virtual learning options for CNA classes, but are they as good as in-person local classes?
  • CNA roles and responsibilities. We’ll show you the ins and outs of what CNAs are expected to do on the job from specialized care to basic health and safety.
    • Health and safety
    • Resident care
    • Specialized care
    • Restorative
    • Psychosocial

Resources for CNAs

  • Nurse aide registries by state. Need to find the contact information for a state’s CNA registry? We’ve got what you need.
  • Continuing education. Looking for details on continuing education requirements? We can point you in the right direction.