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CNA Scholarships

With the healthcare industry facing a significant workforce shortage, there has never been a more crucial time to pursue a career as a CNA. Understanding the financial hurdles that come with education and training, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of scholarship opportunities designed to support aspiring CNAs in their educational journey.

Our goal is to help students find CNA classes, gain CNA skills, and help spread knowledge about the process of becoming a CNA. We know that, in these recent times of crisis and economic hardship, getting financial aid to attend a CNA class or certification program can be very helpful. With the total average cost to become a Nurse Assistant approaching $1,500 once tuition, licensing, and exam fees are included, every little bit of assistance helps. 

This guide covers a variety of scholarships from multiple sources, including colleges, federal and state government programs, private healthcare facilities, and non-profit organizations. Whether you are just starting your path towards becoming a CNA or are looking to advance your skills and qualifications, these scholarships can provide the financial support you need to achieve your goals.

From tuition-free scholarships and grants for disadvantaged students to specialized awards for members of certain communities and programs offering financial aid in exchange for service commitments, our list aims to cater to a diverse range of needs and backgrounds. We’ve also included essential details such as eligibility criteria, application processes, and contact information to make your search as smooth as possible.

  1. Lewis-Clark State College CNA Program Scholarships – For students enrolled in the CNA program, focusing on those with a desire to pursue a career in home care. Applicants must complete FAFSA and the college’s internal financial aid form​ (Allied Health Programs)​.
  2. Forsyth Tech Community College CNA Scholarships – Offers several scholarships for healthcare studies, specifically for CNAs, based on need or merit. North Carolina residency and enrollment in at least 6 credits are required​ (Allied Health Programs)​.
  3. DMACC Tuition-Free Scholarships for CNA Students – Provides scholarships for the first 100 qualified applicants for the CNA program, covering tuition, fees, and books valued at approximately $700​ (Allied Health Programs)​.
  4. Rockingham Community College CNA Scholarship – Available for students enrolled in the Nursing Assistant I Program. Includes a brief essay, two letters of recommendation, and agreement to terms of the scholarship​ (Allied Health Programs)​.
  5. Workforce Investment Act Programs – These federal and state programs aim to improve the U.S. workforce and include training for CNAs as part of healthcare sector support​ (Accredited Schools Online)​.
  6. ExceptionalNurse.com Scholarships – Offers various scholarships for nursing students with disabilities, including the Peter Gili Scholarship and the Caroline Simpson Maheady Scholarship, among others. Criteria include proof of disability, U.S. residency, and educational commitment​ (Incredible Health)​.
  7. Nursing Scholarships & Grants from Johnson & Johnson – Provides a wide array of scholarships for students pursuing nursing degrees or certificates, with diverse eligibility criteria​ (Discover Nursing)​.
  8. Various Scholarships from AACN Nursing – Offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate nursing students, including the College Monk Short Essay Easy Scholarship, Oncology Nursing Society Foundation academic scholarships, and the TYLENOL® Future Care Scholarship Program​ (AACN Nursing)​.
  9. California Nurses Foundation Scholarships – For CNA/NNOC members and nursing students, including the Alameda County Scholarship and the Gannon Scholarship for members in specific regions​ (National Nurses United)​.

Each scholarship has unique requirements and deadlines. For more details and to apply, please visit the respective links or contact the scholarship providers directly.

Additional CNA Scholarship Opportunities

While these scholarship opportunities help many students, they may not be available to you. If you’re looking for some additional options, you may want to check the following resources as well.

  1. Government Funded Aid Programs for CNA Students: Various government-sponsored financial assistance opportunities exist, including free training programs for aspiring CNAs through the Job Corps, Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) Programs, and tuition reimbursement for those employed by Medicaid or Medicare-approved facilities. These programs are designed to alleviate the healthcare workforce shortage by providing financial aid and training to future CNAs​ (Accredited Schools Online)​.
  2. California Nurses Foundation Scholarships: Open to members enrolled in formal education programs or attending educational conferences, as well as students enrolled in an Associate Degree Nursing program or equivalent. The foundation offers the Alameda County Scholarship for members from Alameda County, CA, the Gannon Scholarship for members in the Los Angeles County area, and the Sandra R Spaulding Memorial Scholarship to encourage diversity in nursing for students enrolled in their second year of a two-year ADN program in select states​ (National Nurses United)​.

We’re constantly looking to update our list, so if you know of any other available scholarships for CNAs, please contact us and let us know.