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Full Length CNA Practice Tests

Full Length CNA Practice Tests

We have developed six full-length practice tests so that you can simulate the experience of taking the written CNA test. The CNA test questions will align with the types and categories of questions you will see on the actual CNA test. These tests have the correct mix of question categories and all six tests are unique – you will not find repeated questions anywhere. At the conclusion of each test, you will be presented with your total test score as well as category scores. If you find that you need to practice one specific CNA test category, jump over to our CNA category practice page and focus on that category to improve your scores.

Below is a list of our full-length practice tests:

CNA practice test with answers

When you complete a section of the CNA sample test you’ll be presented with the correct answers along with your score. This test requires no registration, and you will not need to sign up for an account. The test is 100% free, and you can feel free to take it as often as you like. The test is responsive, and it will work across all platforms, so feel free to practice on your computer or using your smartphone while you’re on the go. We have nine categories of multiple-choice tests for you to prepare. These include CNA questions for all of the following categories.

  • Basic nursing skills. These CNA exam questions cover the nursing skills required to perform your duties as a CNA, like taking and recording vital signs and infection control.
  • Activities of daily living. These critical CNA skills include assisting patients in using the toilet, personal care skills, and ambulation. CNA quiz questions on this topic will test your knowledge of how to perform these tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Member of the healthcare team. The CNA practice questions cover how the CNA’s role fits in with the rest of the healthcare team, including LPNs and RNs.
  • Communication. This section of the knowledge test goes beyond patient care and gets into the proper way to communicate with both residents and co-workers. This includes inbound and outbound communication, as listening skills are also vitally important.
  • Restorative skills. While you might expect to demonstrate these skills as part of the clinical skills test, you’ll also need to display the knowledge of when and how to perform restorative skills during the knowledge test.
  • Client rights. This section will force you to demonstrate your knowledge of the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Make sure that’s an important part of your test prep leading up to the exam.
  • Spiritual and cultural needs. These test questions will get into how to be sensitive and respectful of co-workers and patients with different spiritual and cultural backgrounds.
  • Emotional and mental health needs. An important piece of your CNA training will be exercising empathy and understanding towards your patients’ mental health needs. These CNA test questions will press you on your understanding of this important topic.
  • Legal and ethical behavior. Knowing the legal ramifications that can come with an invasion of privacy or an ethical failing is essential for CNAs who want to stay on the right side of the law. These CNA exam questions will help build your foundational knowledge of the legal aspects of the job.

Who are the most common CNA test providers?

Your test provider can vary depending on your state and your educational facility, but the most common providers are Pearson Vue, Prometric, and Headmaster.

How long is the CNA test?

Again, there are some variances in terms of the number of test questions depending on who your provider is, but the Prometric written test is typically 90 minutes to answer 60 questions, while Pearson Vue is 70 questions and Headmaster has 75 questions. The second part of the test, the CNA skills test, will also vary in terms of the time required to demonstrate your skills. Pearson Vue requires five skills in 25 minutes. Prometric and Headmaster require five skills in under 40 minutes.