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Category Test 01: Basic Nursing Skills

This is a test of the basic nursing skills category for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) written test. Here, you can work through our collection of basic nursing skills test questions. This is not a timed test. You will be able to see correct & incorrect answers for each question. Topics from your CNA courses that are covered in the basic nursing skills category include items such as recording a patient’s weight, vital signs, patient condition, patient positioning, and standard CNA procedures. Mastering the concepts assessed in the Basic Nursing Skills category provides the foundation for a successful CNA exam. Press the “start quiz” button below to begin the practice test. There is no time limit.

About our basic nursing skills test questions

This practice test contains a bank of 156 multiple choice questions relating to basic nursing skills that you will be tested on as a part of the CNA certification exam. Nursing assistants looking to improve their understanding of these concepts and prepare for the test are advised to use this prep material as part of their test prep along with their study guide if they wish to pass the test on the first try. 

You can finish the test and review your basic nursing skills test questions and answers at any time if you don’t wish to complete all of the questions. Simply click “Quiz summary” > “Finish Quiz” > “View Questions” to see the correct answer for each question. 

As you prepare for your exam day, please check out each of our CNA practice tests.