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CNA Classes in Ann Arbor

The population of the state of Michigan has a high percentage of senior citizens. This has increased the demand for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in cities, including Ann Arbor. If you want to help the local residents and pursue a career in the healthcare sector, becoming a certified nursing assistant can be a stepping stone to secure an entry-level position in a hospital or any healthcare facility.

To become a CNA in Michigan, you must complete 75 hours of nursing assistant training, and 16 of your training hours must be in hands-on/clinical/lab training. The total duration of CNA classes typically lasts about 4 weeks. You will have to learn how to take care of patients efficiently. This includes bathing, clothing, feeding, recording, and monitoring vital signs, blood pressure, and temperature.

Below are some of the best CNA classes available in Ann Arbor.

Training ProgramCityZip CodePhone
Brookdale W. Eisenhower PkwyAnn Arbor, MI48103734-213-1708
Washtenaw Community CollegeAnn Arbor, MI48105734-973-3300
Crane Liberal Arts and ScienceAnn Arbor, MI48105734-973-3300
Student Center (SC)Ann Arbor, MI48105734-973-3543
Morris Lawrence Building (ML)Ann Arbor, MI48105734-677-5060
University Career CenterAnn Arbor, MI48109734-764-7460
Heartland Home Health Care & Hospice-Ann ArborAnn Arbor, MI48108734-677-8140
University of Michigan School of NursingAnn Arbor, MI48104734-763-5985
Ross Medical Education CenterAnn Arbor, MI48108734-434-7320
University of Michigan: School of Public HealthAnn Arbor, MI48109734-764-5425
Visiting AngelsAnn Arbor, MI48108734-929-9201
Homewatch CareGivers of Ann ArborAnn Arbor, MI48108734-530-4217
Interim HealthCare of Ann Arbor MIAnn Arbor, MI48108734-368-9102
Senior HelpersAnn Arbor, MI48108734-234-1874

The Best CNA Classes in Ann Arbor

The following list are our picks for the best programs that offer CNA classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Washtenaw Community College

Location: 4800 E. Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: (734) 973-3300

Washtenaw Community college offers a certified nursing assistants training program to work in various settings within the healthcare sector. You will be learning about basic nursing skills and getting hands-on experience in performing healthcare and emergency tasks. The course will teach you how to take care of patients’ social, physiological, and healthcare needs. Upon completion and taking a state exam, you will be able to seek employment in hospitals, nursing homes, home care, and other long-term healthcare facilities.

Class Schedule

The duration of this course is between 4 and 5 weeks. Class timings are Monday to Friday between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. You will be training for a total of 100 hours.

  • Lecture – 45 hours
  • Lab Training– 30 hours
  • Clinical Training – 25 hours


Up to $380 – you will also have to pay a state’s CNA exam fee of $125 when you apply for the test.

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training

Location: 317 Ecorse Rd #5, Superior Charter Twp, MI 48198
Phone: (734) 890-9574

The Heart to Heart Healthcare offers CNA training approved by the state of Michigan. You will be learning everything you need to know about becoming a certified nursing assistant through classroom education and clinical/lab training. You will learn to take care of patients’ basic needs, bathing, feeding, clothing, and monitoring their health.  Remember, your job will require you to not only take care of the patients’ health but also ensure their physical and mental wellbeing through your care.

Class Schedule

This is a 2-weeks program, and your class timings are from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.


$950 – you will also have to pay a state’s CNA exam fee of $125 when you apply for the test.

Ann Arbor CNA Salary

LocationAnn ArborMichiganU.S.
Total Employed3,06041,0501,310,090
Average Hourly Wage$18.36 $17.29 $17.41
Average Salary$38,180 $35,960 $36,220
Hourly Wage 10th Percentile$15.94 $14.57 $13.48
Hourly Wage 25th Percentile$17.30 $15.79 $14.79
Hourly Wage 50th Percentile$17.74 $17.37 $17.19
Hourly Wage 75th Percentile$18.73 $18.19 $18.87
Hourly Wage 90th Percentile$21.72 $19.55 $22.09
Salary 10th Percentile$33,150 $30,310 $28,030
Salary 25th Percentile$35,990 $32,850 $30,770
Salary 50th Percentile$36,890 $36,130 $35,760
Salary 75th Percentile$38,960 $37,830 $39,260
Salary 90th Percentile$45,180 $40,650 $45,940

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do CNA classes in Ann Arbor cost?

CNA training in Michigan State can cost you between $500 and $1600. However, feel free to ask your college if they offer financing options for easy fee payments.

However, every candidate must pay a state exam fee before taking the exam. Some colleges include this in their fee structure. Therefore, when enrolling for the course, you must ask your college if the fee includes the state certification exam fee or not.

How much do CNAs in Ann Arbor make?

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, CNAs in Ann Arbor make $38,180 per year with an average hourly wage of $18.36.

What are the requirements for becoming a CNA in Ann Arbor?

The basic requirements to become a CNA in Ann Arbor are:

  • Age should be minimum of 17 years or over
  • Good physical condition
  • Clearing background checks
  • Negative TB test result
  • GED or high school diploma
  • Good English Language Skills
  • Taking the state’s CNA exam
  • Registration as a Certified Nursing Assistant.