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CNA Classes in Chicago

Chicago is a city that has plenty of options available for those who would like to pursue a career as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). Many of the best CNA programs in the state of Illinois are located in Chicago. These programs provide CNA classes, course materials, hands-on learning, and certification.

The following is a list of the best CNA programs located in the city of Chicago in no particular order:

CNA ProgramCityZip CodePhone
Carepaks Health Services IncChicago, IL60640773-784-7500
Olive-Harvey CollegeChicago, IL60628773-291-6100
Harold Washington College, City College of ChicagoChicago, IL60601312-553-5600
CPR Associates, Inc.Chicago, IL60656773-973-6933
CPR Associates, Inc.Chicago, IL60659773-973-6933
East-West University ChicagoChicago, IL60605312-939-0111
Great Paragon Health Services IncChicago, IL60645773-274-7694
TTI Medical Training SchoolChicago, IL60656773-774-2222
Apex Home Health ServicesChicago, IL60646773-202-1948
Chicago Community Learning CenterChicago, IL60613773-506-1503
Coyne CollegeChicago, IL60602800-720-3990
Loyola University ChicagoChicago, IL60660773-274-3000
Midwestern Career CollegeChicago, IL60606312-236-9000
Northeastern Illinois UniversityChicago, IL60625773-583-4050
SOLEX College Chicago DowntownChicago, IL60601312-970-1375
Verve CollegeChicago, IL60606312-920-8822
Harry S Truman CollegeChicago, IL60640773-907-4000
Malcolm X CollegeChicago, IL60612312-850-7000
Wilbur Wright CollegeChicago, IL60634773-777-7900
Kennedy-King CollegeChicago, IL60621773-602-5000
Richard J. Daley CollegeChicago, IL60652773-838-7500
The Arturo Velasquez Westside Technical InstituiteChicago, IL60608773-838-1520
Dawson Technical Institute of Kennedy King CollegeChicago, IL60609312-553-2500
Chicago’s Pulse CPRChicago, IL60655773-445-2277
Phlebotomy Training SpecialistsChicago, IL60602888-531-8378
University of Illinois at ChicagoChicago, IL60607312-996-7000
Career Training Center Of ChicagoChicago, IL60659773-583-8532
CTCC (Career Training Center of Chicago)Chicago, IL606590
City College of EducationChicago, IL60659708-296-2209
First Step to Excellence Health Care Training Academy, Ltd.Chicago, IL60617773-437-5003

Best CNA Programs in Chicago

The following are some of the most well attended CNA programs in the city of Chicago along with details of each program.

Tukiendorf Training Institute

Location: 5310 N. Harlem Ave., Suite 209, Chicago, IL 60656
Phone: (773) 774-2222

The Tukiendorf Training Institute’s Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program is designed to prepare students for Illinois certification as CNAs. The course provides laboratory and clinical experience in various health care settings that will equip them with skills necessary on an assortment of nursing teams, allowing the student better chances at landing a job once they graduate from this program.

Class Schedule

Clinical training and theory classes take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Refer to the program regarding up to date class schedules as these may be subject to change based on the time of the year.

Tuition Costs


Career Training Center of Chicago

Location: 3525 W Peterson Avenue Suite T21, Chicago, IL 60659
Phone: (773) 583-8532

Career Training Center Of Chicago (CTCC) is a CNA specialty program that will provide students with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed for the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements. The 5 week course can be completed in 4 weeks if you do not miss any classes. This is one of the fastest CNA programs offered in Chicago and helps you obtain certification as quickly as possible, but requires you to commit to the coursework full-time. This is a great option for those who are not currently employed or do not have prior commitments to work around.

Class Schedule

Classes are spit between theory class and clinical class. Theory classes are offered in the mornings and the evenings Monday – Thursday. Clinical classes are only offered on Saturdays.

Tuition Costs

  • Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Lab Fee: $30.00
  • Tuition Fee: $850.00

Other Costs:

  • Criminal Background Check: $38.25
  • State Competency Exam Fee: $75.00
  • Total Costs: $1,113.25

Malcolm X College

Location: This CNA program is offered at the Malcolm X College main campus at 1900 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60612 as well as the West Side Learning Center at 4624 W Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60644.
Phone: (312) 850-7000

This Chicago CNA program provides students with an opportunity to learn about the nursing profession and care for patients. Students are introduced not only in classroom discussions, but also through hands-on training that takes place at both clinical sites (laboratories) as well as virtual environments like simulation labs where they can practice their skills without risk themselves or others around them
The goal is for graduates of this educational institution who successfully complete all components will be able become recognized Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Illinois.

Class Schedule

Classes are offered during five separate sessions. Two are offered during the fall, two in the spring, and one in the summer. Students must complete 40 hours of clinical hours before the end of the program, which is conducted at an external location. Theory classes are held 3-4 days per week from Monday – Thursday.

Tuition Costs


Chicago CNA Salary

Total Employed37,03055,4001,310,090
Average Hourly Wage$18.37 $17.67 $17.41
Average Salary$38,200 $36,750 $36,220
Hourly Wage 10th Percentile$15.48 $14.54 $13.48
Hourly Wage 25th Percentile$17.43 $16.40 $14.79
Hourly Wage 50th Percentile$18.01 $17.61 $17.19
Hourly Wage 75th Percentile$18.78 $18.26 $18.87
Hourly Wage 90th Percentile$21.22 $21.16 $22.09
Salary 10th Percentile$32,210 $30,240 $28,030
Salary 25th Percentile$36,250 $34,120 $30,770
Salary 50th Percentile$37,460 $36,640 $35,760
Salary 75th Percentile$39,060 $37,990 $39,260
Salary 90th Percentile$44,150 $44,010 $45,940

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a CNA program in Chicago?

To become a CNA in Chicago, you complete 80 hours of theory teaching and 40 clinical hours which include 12 mental health-related topics such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia care among other things that can be learned through instructional material provided by the American Nurses Association (ANA). How long a CNA program lasts depends largely on how many theory teaching and clinical hours that they are able to fit into a week. How long the program takes is mostly up to you and how the classes fit with your schedule. Some programs allow you to complete classes and teaching at a 40 hour per week schedule, enabling you to complete the program in under a month. Others allow you to complete classes in the evenings or on a part-time schedule, which will take longer.

How much do CNA classes cost in Chicago?

The CNA testing fee for Chicago residents is $65, which is the same cost for beginning applicants as well as re-applicants.

The advantage of earning your CNA certification through a school is the ability to learn the latest nurse assistant skills, techniques, and methods. Furthermore, you can ensure that before moving on to another section, you have mastered each lesson first.

How much do CNAs make in Chicago?

According to the most recent May 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics report CNAs make on average $18.37 per hour in the city of Chicago with an average annual salary of $38,200. This is 5.5% higher than the national average of $36,220. Many CNAs are eligible for overtime pay and average about $4,500 in overtime pay per year. Experienced CNAs in 90th percentile of pay make up to $44,150 per year.