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CNA Classes in Nebraska

Nebraska is sparsely populated, but due to its key part in the agricultural sector of the US, there are many widely spread small rural communities in need of healthcare providers. One important role is Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) and becoming one in the state of Nebraska can lead to a very rewarding career in medicine. So if you’re interested in learning how to become a CNA or what it takes to earn your CNA license in Nebraska, keep reading to find out the specifics.

Nebraska CNA Certification Requirements

CNAs who are employed in Medicare/Medicaid certified facilities and licensed nursing homes need to have successfully completed a course and undergo a competency evaluation. General Nurse Aides outside of these facilities do not require placement on the registry but may request inclusion if they meet the standards.

A CNAs status on the registry must be verified by employers before hiring. In Nebraska nurse aides can work for up to 120 days while in search of a state-licensed program. This grace period is non-renewable and all required classes and evaluations must be completed during the 120 days.

The Department of Health may consent for military-trained nurse assistants and foreign nurses to skip classes and evaluations. Foreign nurse aides must send a cover letter request along with all relevant documents and proof of classwork regarding abuse/neglect, as well as a clean record. The request will be reviewed, and the department will ascertain if the applicant must be evaluated prior to their placement on the registry.

Other state requirements include:

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Having a high school diploma or GED equivalent (depends on the program)
  • Proof of ability to communicate, write, and read in English
  • A clean criminal background – no arrest, assault, etc.
  • A physical exam indicating good health
  • A negative TB test/chest x-ray
  • Immunization records (MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Meningitis)

Nebraska CNA Classes & Testing Costs

Federal regulations and the Department of Health require CNAs to complete at least 75 hours of state-approved classes which should include both class lectures and hands-on learning. 59 of these hours are expected to be spent in a classroom/lab setting gaining theoretical knowledge, followed by at least 16 hours of hands-on supervised clinical classes. Once the course is complete graduates may sit the state certification exam to be included in the state’s registry.

Several nursing homes in Nebraska might be an affordable option for CNA programs as they may offer employer-sponsored classes which include tuition, equipment (and even a stipend in some homes). This option also comes with the benefit of potential immediate employment after the Nurse Aid is certified. The only con is the long waiting lists between the courses.

If you would rather avoid the waiting lists and can afford to pay for your classes you can seek a program in a college or a private institution. The cost for that is around $550 plus the fees for certification, equipment, and textbooks.

Medical institutions might be able to sponsor your classes and you may file for reimbursement if you receive an offer for employment or are employed within a year (12 months) of certification.

CNA Classes & Nurse Aide Certification Courses in Nebraska

If becoming a CNA in Nebraska is starting to sound like a good opportunity, we encourage you to check out the following centers to see if they’re a good fit for your current situation and schedule. Some of these locations may offer employer-sponsored CNA classes, while others may be tuition-based. Please contact them directly if you have questions about their curriculum or costs. A list of certification opportunities with employment options can be found here.

Training ProgramCityZip CodePhone
Eastern Nebraska Veteran's HomeBellevue, NE68123402-595-2180
Mid-Plains Community CollegeBroken Bow, NE68822308-872-5259
Midland UniversityFremont, NE68025800-642-8382
Central Community College - Grand IslandGrand Island, NE68801308-398-4222
Central Community College - HastingsHastings, NE68901402-463-9811
Thayer Central Community SchoolsHebron, NE68370402-768-6117
Central Community College - Kearney CenterKearney, NE68845308-338-4000
Homestead Rehabilitation CenterLincoln, NE68516402-488-0977
Southeast Community CollegeLincoln, NE68520402-471-3333
Southeast Community CollegeLincoln, NE68510402-323-3383
SYNERGY HomeCareLincoln, NE68510402-261-2067
Tabitha Health Care ServicesLincoln, NE68510402-486-8520
Tabitha Health Care ServicesLincoln, NE68510402-486-8520
Bryan College of Health SciencesLincoln, NE68506402-481-3801
Providence Health Career InstituteLincoln, NE68510402-326-2792
University of Nebraska-LincolnLincoln, NE68588402-472-7211
Nebraska Indian Community CollegeMacy, NE68039402-494-2311
Northeast Community CollegeNorfolk, NE68701402-371-2020
Promise Health Care Training CenterOmaha, NE68131402-968-4786
Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE68178402-280-2700
Quality Career PathwaysOmaha, NE68134402-518-5692
Maple Crest Health CenterOmaha, NE68104402-551-2110
Metropolitan Community College - Shipping and ReceivingOmaha, NE68110531-622-2400
CNA AcademyOmaha, NE68134402-704-7733
AseraCare Hospice OmahaOmaha, NE68106402-926-2680
Clarkson CollegeOmaha, NE68131402-552-3100
Good Samaritan Society - MillardOmaha, NE68137402-895-2266
Nebraska Methodist CollegeOmaha, NE68114402-354-7000
Boyd County SchoolsSpencer, NE68777402-589-1333
Mid-Plains Community CollegeValentine, NE69201402-376-8033
York General HearthstoneYork, NE68467402-362-4333

CNA Classes in Lincoln, NE

Bryan Health. This four-month program includes both theoretical instruction and clinical practice. Tuition is approximately $499 which includes textbooks, but the student must purchase their own equipment.

Nebraska Health Care Association. This program runs for two weeks and is comprised of instruction and skill application. Upon the completion of the course, graduates will be allowed to take the competency exam. To graduate, you must have perfect attendance but there is an option to make up for missed classes for a fee of $45. Tuition is around $442 which includes the cost of registration, taxes, textbooks, and fees.

Providence Healthcare Institute. This program is a mixed course that also includes 36 hours of education that will be completed online. The hours left are completed in day or evening classes on campus. Tuition is around $350 including registration. The student must purchase their own textbooks and equipment.

CNA Classes in Omaha, NE

Nebraska Methodist College. Students of this program become eligible to sit the competency exam following the completion of four weeks of classes. The curriculum lists 80 hours of classes, inclusive of lectures, lab, and hands-on learning. Apart from the state criteria, applicants must also be able to lift 50 pounds before admission. The course’s cost is around $500 inclusive of textbooks, CPR certification, as well as the exam fee. There are payment plans available for each applicant.

Clarkson College. Students of this program will receive courses comprised of lectures, lab, and hands-on learning demonstrations. Apart from the state criteria, applicants must also be able to lift 50 pounds before admission. The course’s cost is around $495 inclusive of textbooks, handouts, clinical classes, as well as the exam fee. There are day and evening classes available and all graduates become eligible for the competency exam.

Metropolitan Community College. This course is comprised of 82 contact hours and in order to graduate 77 of these must be attended. 59 hours of the program are done in a classroom and lab setting and 22.5 hours are hands-on learning. The program costs $436.50 (which includes liability insurance and background check fee) plus an additional $55 for the textbook.

Additional Nebraska CNA resources

The above information can likely get you started on your path to becoming a CNA in the state of Nebraska, however, the links below may also be helpful in your educational path or in the future after you’ve gained your CNA certification in Nebraska.

Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry

To contact the Nebraska CNA Registry, use the information below:

NE Department of Health & Human Services
Regulation and Licensure Credentialing Division
301 Centennial Mall South,
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
Phone: (402) 471-0537
License Verification: (402) 471-0537
Fax: (402) 471-1066


Out-of-State CNAs

The process for out-of-state CNAs is relatively easy. Their license can be transferred to Nebraska through endorsement. You must download and fill out the endorsement application. If the CNA is from Iowa, they must submit proof of completed classes. An hour of in-service abuse reporting must be completed, and the state certification exam must be completed if there has been no employment or classes in the last two years. Including copies of all relevant documents will hasten the procedure.

CNA Renewal in Nebraska

In Nebraska, your active status remains intact for as long as you remain employed. If you remain unemployed as a CNA for two years (24 months) or more your status will expire. There are no continuing education requirements in order to retain active status.

How much does a CNA make in Nebraska?

Like in any job, your salary will vary depending on where you work as well as the institution or organization that will employ you. According ot the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average the hourly mean wage for a CNA in Nebraska is $16.84 or a yearly salary of $35,020.