CNA Classes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire today has a wide-based and flourishing economy which means that there is a constant need for healthcare provision. An important part of a successful healthcare industry is Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, and the need for new CNAs (also known as LNAs in New Hampshire) is stronger now than ever before.

Before employment and no matter whether one is working for compensation, volunteering, or providing direct or indirect care at a licensed institution it is important that CNAs complete a state-approved training course of a minimum of 75 hours including both clinical and classroom instruction. Following the completion of the course, each graduate must take and pass the state examination to gain their certification. Only after registration with the state nursing board can they begin their work in the state of New Hampshire.

Military nurses, nursing students, and foreign nurses may directly take the exam as they can apply to be exempted from the training by providing the relevant documents to the Board of Nursing so that they can be included in the nurse aide registry.

New Hampshire CNA Certification Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements to become a CNA in New Hampshire, though a high school diploma or GED is highly recommended, and institutions may provide a reading and language comprehension test. Other state requirements include:

  • Being a minimum of 16 years of age
  • Passing a fingerprint clinical background check
  • Obtain a passing grade on the pre-admission exam
  • Be in possession of a valid CPR card
  • Have a valid government-issued ID
  • Obtain liability insurance
  • Negative TB test (10 months old at most)
  • Current immunization record

New Hampshire CNA Training & Testing Costs

Training at state-approved institutions (like private colleges or the Red Cross) costs between $1,400 and $1,700 which includes tuition and books but may not include certification fees, insurance fees, screenings, immunization, and equipment that is essential for the clinical part of the training.

Due to the short duration of the programs financial aid is not usually available, however checking with a financial adviser to seek grants or scholarships is recommended.

Training with employment options may be possible at nursing homes but that may subject to each home’s terms and conditions. The American Red Cross might also be able to aid low-income individuals.

Three agencies exist in NH that have been approved by the New Hampshire’s Board of Nursing: Pearson Vue, Excel Testing, and the American Red Cross.

The competency exam consists of two parts, the written exam, and the skills evaluation. If you fail either part you may reschedule a re-test (up to 2). If all three attempts are unsuccessful you will have to retake a training course to be able to sit the exam anew.

If you fail the exam on all three attempts, you must retake a training program in order to take the exam once again.

Certification Costs approximately $105 (or $120 if you opt for the oral exam) while a skills re-test is $65, a written re-test $40, an oral re-test $55.00, and a reschedule fee $30.

If you end up paying for your certification you may qualify for reimbursement. You may download and fill in the reimbursement form, attaching relevant receipts to be compensated. To be eligible for this you must graduate from a state-approved course, pay for it out of pocket, then be employed at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) licensed nursing home within a year of obtaining your certification. Sites that offer employment following training can be found here.

CNA Classes & Nurse Aide Training Courses in New Hampshire

If becoming a CNA in New Hampshire is starting to sound like a good opportunity, we encourage you to check out the following training centers to see if they’re a good fit for your current situation and schedule. Please contact each of these training programs directly if you have questions on their curriculum or costs.

Training ProgramCityZip CodePhone
White Mountains Community ClgBerlin, NH3570603-752-1113
Clinical Career TrainingBristol, NH3222603-744-6766
University of New HampshireDurham, NH3824603-862-1234
Seacoast School of TechnologyExeter, NH3833603-775-8461
Lakes Region Community CollegeLaconia, NH3246603-524-3207
American School of Nursing & Medical CareersManchester, NH3101603-622-8400
Manchester Community CollegeManchester, NH3102603-206-8000
LNA Health CareersManchester, NH3101603-647-2174
Emerson CNA Training SchoolNashua, NH3060603-889-6664
Plymouth State UniversityPlymouth, NH3264603-535-5000
Edgewood CentrePortsmouth, NH3801603-436-0099
J & K Home CareSalem, NH3079603-893-9214

CNA Training in New Hampshire

LNA Health Careers in Manchester, NH (with facilities throughout the state). This 110-hour course is comprised of 50 hours of classroom and lab instruction, followed by 60 hours of training in a clinical setting. Classes are taught through lectures, discussions, viewings of video material, and interaction.

Morning, night, and weekend classes exist in order to accommodate the busiest schedules. Classes are small-sized, restricted to 8 students to ensure proper attention for everyone. Fast-track course are available, and you may opt to graduate within 3 weeks if you choose the full-time program. The State Exam is always held within a week of the course’s completion and same-day verbal results are provided. The school offers tutoring for a fee, and assistance for job placement. A High School diploma or GED is NOT required for this course.

There are four exams taken throughout the course which also are available on audio for those who prefer an oral examination. Classes can be held at 12 different institutions throughout the state. The Admissions Office is in Manchester, NH at 22 Concord Street.

Tuition is $1650 which includes a non-refundable registration fee, supplies, background screen, and state test fee (The fee is waived unless a retake is needed). Financial aid might be available, for more information check the school’s website.

American Red Cross Granite Chapter. This is a 150-hour long course that consists of theoretical knowledge and clinical training. Flexible class schedules are available with morning and evening classes to accommodate the students’ schedules. Potential students must attend an obligatory information session. The course provides tutoring before or after classes, a resume workshop, a job fair, a lifetime membership as an ARC graduate, and a graduation ceremony with an ARC nurse assistant pin. For tuition information please contact the ARC directly.

Clinical Career Training. This program is 112 hours long, comprised of 52 hours of classroom theory and 60 hours of clinical training and has been approved by the NH Board of Nursing. Class size is small, restricted to 6-8 students to provide individual attention and participation. A score of at least 75% is required on the pre-entrance exam. Tuition is $1,425 but CCT offers discounts and flexible payments. The price is inclusive of tuition, textbooks, liability insurance, certification exam. For more information on the course’s fees check CCT’s website.

Additional New Hampshire CNA resources

The above information can likely get you started on your path to becoming a CNA in the state of New Hampshire, however, the links below may also be helpful in your educational path or in the future after you’ve gained your CNA certification in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry

To contact the New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry, use the information below:

New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry
21 S. Fruit St., Ste 16
Concord, NH 03301-2431
PH: (603) 271-6282
FAX: (603) 271-6605

Out of State CNAs

In New Hampshire, the process of transferring your CNA license is available through endorsement if they are still active in a different state. First, you must fill out the application for the endorsement. Then you must show evidence of completion of a training program and certification and of a minimum of 200 hours of work as a CNA within 24 months before the application. You also must consent to a criminal background check. Applications will be declined if charges of abuse or neglect are found on the applicant’s record.

CNA Renewal in New Hampshire

You will need to submit a renewal application before your license expires.

To do this you have to show proof of a minimum of 200 hours of paid-for CNA activities which must have been supervised by a licensed nurse at an approved institution and show evidence of a minimum of 12 months of continued education.

How much does a CNA make in New Hampshire?

Like any job, CNA salary varies depending on where in the state you work, in which institution, and in which industry. CNAs working in scientific research will likely earn significantly more than those working in private companies and homes, for example. Those in urban areas are likely to earn more than rural areas, but of course, the cost of living will be higher as a result. On average, the hourly pay for a CNA in New Hampshire is $16.07, or a yearly salary of $33,430. This is liable to rise as experience and education increase.

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