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CNA Classes in Alaska

Alaska, one of the most Northwest States in the country, known for its natural wonders, has reported over $6 million dollars in healthcare revenue, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2012). With such large figures for healthcare, there is a demand for certified nursing assistants (CNAs). For those considering healthcare as a field, starting a career as a CNA can be rewarding. 

Alaska CNA Certification Requirements

There are specific requirements one must obtain to receive certification within the State of Alaska; these include:

  • 17 years or older
  • High school diploma or GED (recommended)
  • TABE test
  • Copy of government-issued picture ID
  • Negative drug test
  • A two-step TB skin test
  • Alaska state troopers background check
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Fingerprint cards
  • Immunization (MMR 1 & 2, Hepatitis B, Meningitis)
  • Accuplacer (reading and math assessment) for non-high school graduates.

Alaska CNA Classes & Testing Costs 

In order to be certified in the State of Alaska, you must pass a state-approved course. The course must have a minimum of 140 hours of which a minimum are 60 hours of classroom time and 80 hours of hands-on classes. The courses include personal care, infection control, basic emergency response, proper transfer techniques, bed baths, mental health, and medical terminology. The Alaskan requirements seem more intense but help in preparing a CNA for a successful career. 

Enrollment in a CNA course can have average costs of $1,800. Additional costs to consider would be for uniforms, scrubs, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, textbooks and for the state certification. There are other options for those who may qualify for Federal Funding or grants. There are facilities that do offer CNA classes at no cost, please see this link

CNA Classes & Nurse Aide Courses in Alaska

Alaska offers great options for CNA classes in many of the major cities. Please see the links below for options. Some of the facilities offer classes that allow for tuition payments or options for no tuition cost. Many of the programs have flexible schedules for a busy lifestyle. Check out the links, and contact the centers direct if you have any additional questions. 

Training ProgramCityZip CodePhone
King Tech High SchoolAnchorage, AK99508907-742-8900
Caregiver Training AcademyAnchorage, AK99501907-258-0535
Northern Industrial Training - AnchorageAnchorage, AK99503907-743-7700
Alaska Career CollegeAnchorage, AK99507907-563-7575
Alaska CNA ProgramAnchorage, AK99508907-267-9113
Charter CollegeAnchorage, AK99508907-277-1000
University of Alaska AnchorageAnchorage, AK99508907-786-1800
Yuut Elitnaurviat - The People's Learning CenterBethel, AK99559907-543-0999
UAF Community and Technical CollegeFairbanks, AK99701907-455-2800
University of AlaskaFairbanks, AK99775907-450-8000
Kenai Peninsula CollegeHomer, AK99603907-235-7743
University of Alaska SoutheastJuneau, AK99801907-796-6100
University of Alaska SoutheastKetchikan, AK99901907-225-6177
University of Alaska SoutheastKetchikan, AK99901907-225-6177
Alaska Technical CenterKotzebue, AK99752907-442-1502
Alaska Job CorpsPalmer, AK99645907-861-8800
Matanuska-Susitna CollegePalmer, AK99645907-745-9774
Mat-Su CollegePalmer, AK99645907-745-9746
University of Alaska SoutheastSitka, AK99835800-478-6653
Kenai Peninsula CollegeSoldotna, AK99669877-262-0330
Providence Valdez Medical CenterValdez, AK99686907-835-2249
Prince William Sound CollegeValdez, AK99686907-834-1600

CNA Programs in Palmer, AK 

Alaska Job Corps. The Job Corps in Alaska offers classes over an 18-month period, making it possible to work and learn at the same time. The benefit of classes through the Job Corps is that upon certification you will have a great number of connections in which you can apply to. The Job Corps. has an excellent reputation for top-quality graduates.

CNA Programs in Anchorage, AK

The University of Alaska Anchorage. UAA offers a program for CNA certification in less than two years. Many use this program as a stepping stone to explore the healthcare field. The tuition is reasonable, and there are options for payment. The University offers the program at several of its campuses. Fairbanks, and Southeast (Juneau).

CNA Programs in Fairbanks, AK

The University of Alaska Fairbanks. UAF lists the CNA classes under the Allied Health tab. Listed as Occupation Endorsement, this can be a bit confusing. However, the link above will bring you to the required place to get started. 

Additional Alaska CNA resources

The above information will help to get you started to become a CNA in Alaska. 

Alaska Nurse Aide Registry

To contact the Alaska Nurse Aide Registry use the information below:

Alaska Nurse Aide Registry
Alaska Department of Commerce, 
Community and Economic 
Development Division of 
Occupational Licensing
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1500, 
Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: (907) 269-8169

Out of State CNAs

Alaska is one of the states that does welcome those wishing to transfer their certification. The following process below is required:

To transfer your CNA certificate to Alaska, you must complete the CNA license by endorsement form. You will be required to send an application fee of $279 along with your form. 

Here’s the breakdown of the fee:

  • $50.00 Application Fee
  • $120.00 Certification Fee
  • $59.00 Fingerprint Processing Fee
  • $50.00 Examination Fee

CNA License Renewal in Alaska

Renewal in Alaska is a little different than the other states. To renew your CNA certification in Alaska, you must renew it within two years, in the even number of years. The CNA certifications are set to expire on March 31st on the even-numbered years if not renews. The Alaska Nurse Registry mails the notices 60 days before the expiration date. 

You will only be eligible for renewal if you meet the following criteria:

  • With the completion of 24 contact hours of continuing education.
  • Also, with 160 hours of employment as a CNA, receiving monetary compensation.
  • Another area to watch for is if you receive your certification on an odd year. You will need to renew only a year later due to the two-year requirement. You will need to be sure that you have 12 contact hours of continuing education and should have worked 160 hours as a CNA and have received monetary compensation. 

How much does a CNA make in Alaska?

In Alaska, the average CNA salary is $44,420 with an hourly wage of $21.35, per the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Depending on the location, the salary may vary between areas such as Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks.