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Foot Care CNA Skill

Of all the CNA essential skills, foot care is one that many aspiring CNAs may take for granted prior to taking their CNA skills exam. But, like all skills on the test, it’s important to know this procedure forward and backward to ensure you perform it correctly and pass your test on the first try. Feet can be a magnet for dirt, particularly between the toes. Providing proper foot care helps keep patients safe and comfortable. 

To learn all the necessary steps for this skill, please watch this foot care CNA video for a complete demonstration. 

Foot Care CNA Steps for Skills Exam

The process for providing foot care to a patient during the CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. Perform the standard CNA beginning tasks. Knock before entering the patient’s room, greet the patient by name, introduce yourself, explain the task you are about to perform, close the privacy curtain, and wash your hands.
  2. If performing this task in a bed, as opposed to in a seated position, ask the patient how they would like their bed adjusted and make them comfortable.
  3. Fill a basin with warm water and let the patient test it to make sure they are comfortable with the temperature. 
  4. Place a protective barrier beneath the patient to protect against spilling.
  5. Apply soap to a wash cloth and clean the patient’s foot. Completely clean the top and bottom of the foot, front and back, and between the toes. 
  6. Once finished with the wash cloth, rinse the patient’s foot in the basin.
  7. Next, completely dry the patient’s foot completely, including between the toes.
  8. Once dry, apply lotion to your hands and then rub it over the top and bottom of the patient’s foot, but not between the toes. Wipe off any excess lotion that is not absorbed.
  9. Put a pair of soft cotton socks on the patient’s feet.
  10. Empty, clean, and dry the water basin.
  11. Dispose or clean any items used in the process as per protocol, including gloves and linen. 
  12. Ask the patient how they would like their bed adjusted and set it to where they are comfortable. 
  13. Perform your standard completion tasks – wash your hands, ensure the patient has a clean environment, ask if they are comfortable, give the patient their call light and close their privacy curtain.

* Please be sure to consult the testing materials provided by the skills test provider in your state to ensure that these steps for CNAs to perform foot care are in compliance. The procedure in different states and from different test providers can vary slightly and greatly affect your score.