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Virginia Nurse Aide Registry

Becoming a New CNA in Virginia 

The nurse registry in the state of Virginia sets the standard for incumbent nurse aides. The steps are as follows:

  • Successful completion of a hundred twenty (120) hour nurse aide program approved by the state.
  • Achieving a passing score from the CNA certification exam by Pearson Vue.

Those that are able to successfully pass and complete both of the requirements above will be officially recognized by the nurse aide registry as certified nurse assistants and will be granted a certification valid for two (2) years.

Useful Links:


Nurse Aide Certification Verification

Verification of any nurse aide certification can easily be verified by visiting the provided link below and providing the necessary details such as

CNA License Lookup


CNA Certification Renewal in the state of Virginia

The validity of any CNA’s certification in Virginia is limited to a two (2) year period. CNA that seeks to have his/her certification renewed should perform at least eight (8) hours of compensated nurse-related work during the last certification period.

Renew online


Reinstating a CNA License in the State of Virginia 

Applicants that are unable to have their license renewed will need to reinstate as a recourse. Such a recourse requires retaking and passing the certification examination.

Reinstatement of Virginia Nurse Aide Certificate


Transferring an Out-of-State Nurse Aide License to Virginia

The eligibility requirements for CNAs that wish to have their certification transferred to the Nurse Aide Registry of Virginia are as follows:

  • Currently in possession of an active certification.
  • Must be in good standing, should be unencumbered from the state of origin.

Certification by endorsement is available only to candidates requesting initial certification and does not apply to candidates who have been previously certified and listed in the Virginia CNA registry, who must apply for reinstatement.


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry at:

Virginia Nurse Aide Registry
Virginia Department of Health/Nursing Dept.
Virginia Board of Nursing
9960 Maryland Drive, Henrico, VA 23233
Phone: (804) 367-4515