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Arizona Nurse Aide Registry

Arizona Nurse Aide Registry
Arizona Board of Nursing
1740 W. Adams St., Suite 2000
Phoenix, AZ 85007

The Arizona Nurse Aide Registry is under the administrative regulation of the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The registry has a CNA licensing database and self-service portal, the Optimal Regulatory Board System (ORBS). The ORBS is utilized by several states as a solution for license management and discipline for nursing professionals. It helps CNAs in Arizona check their certification status as well as their renewal process, make payments and submit verification requests.

How to Become a CNA in Arizona

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Arizona, a set of requirements must be completed. These are as follows:

  • Completion of a state-approved CNA program in Arizona.
  • Passing the written and skill CNA State Exam.

Take note that in order to legally work in Arizona as a CNA, the applicant in question must also submit the results of their fingerprint cards for a state and federal background check.

Application for CNA Certification by Examination

How Do You Verify an Arizona Nurse Aide License/Certification?

The Arizona State Board of Nursing’s website can be used for online verification and for endorsement to practice in another state. This will also allow any prospective employer to do a background check on any CNA license holder.

License/Certificate Verification Portal


How Do You Renew your Arizona Nurse Aide Certification?

The certification for Nurse Aides are renewed every two years. However, the Arizona Board of Nursing does not require CNAs to complete any course for recertification. Take note that in order to obtain a renewal certificate, nurse aides must provide proof of their employment. Applications for certification renewal are processed exclusively through an online portal. It is also worth considering that individuals under an emergency status can expedite their application with a 48-hour temporary license.

Online Application for Nurse Aide Certification Renewal in Arizona


How Do You Reinstate a Lapsed Nurse Aide Certificate?

A certificate that has expired, or has either been voluntarily withdrawn or revoked needs to be reactivated in order for the license holder to continue working as CNA. One of the ways is through Arizona State Board of Nursing website. In order for your application to be processed, you will need to complete the training program again, retake the competency exam, and pay to reactivate your license.

Application to reactivate license

How Do You Transfer an Out-of-state CNA Certification in Arizona?

In order to transfer an active certificate from another state to Arizona, a CNA endorsement application must be completed for a CNA certification to be considered. You can do this via the online ORBS portal. You will need to create an account in Arizona’s portal and go through the Registry CNA Endorsement Application.

Application for Arizona CNA License by Endorsement