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Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry


How to Become a CNA in Arkansas

In order to be a registered CNA in the state of Arkansas, you will need to accomplish the following steps:

  • Enroll and complete any state-approved CNA training program that requires a minimum of 90 hours. You may also seek free instructional classes which are available throughout Arkansas.
  • Pass the CNA competency exam offered via the Prometric Registry. This consists of a written or oral competency exam and a clinical skills-based exam.

Arkansas CNA Examination Application


How to Verify a CNA License in Arkansas

The Arkansas LTCF Employment Clearance Registry provides prospective employers the ability to check the status of any CNA candidate via an online portal. You may also contact them via phone during regular office hours.

Arkansas Nursing Assistant Certification Verification


How to Renew a Certificate for an Arkansas Nurse Assistant

CNA certificates will expire within 24 months from the date they’ve been issued. In order to renew a nursing assistant certificate, a minimum of 8 hours of monetarily compensated nursing services will need to be completed within the 24-month time frame prior to the expiration date. Take note that a renewal fee is not needed in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas Nursing Assistant Renewal Form


How to Reinstate an Expired Nurse Aide Certificate

A reinstatement application will be needed in order to reactivate a certificate that has recently expired. The process of reinstating a CNA license will vary depending on the following scenarios:

  • The license has been expired for more than 24 months
  • The license is void due to lack of continuous work as a CNA
  • The license was suspended due to complaints arising from abuse or negligence
  • The license holder has previously submitted fraudulent application

Application to Reinstate an Expired Nursing Assistant License


How to Transfer an Out-of-state CNA Certification

The reciprocity form is needed in order to transfer an active certification from another state to Arkansas. The said form is available from the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Services, Office of Long-Term Care / AR Nurse Aide Registry. For further assistance, please consult the Candidate Information Bulletin from the Prometric website.

Application for Interstate CNA License Transfer


If you have additional concerns, please contact the Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry at:

Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry
Arkansas Department of Human
Services Office of Long-term Care
PO Box 8059, Slot S405,
Little Rock, AR 72203
Automated Line: (501) 682-8484
Direct Line: (501) 682-1807