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California Nurse Aide Registry


How to Become a CNA in California

The California CNA Registry, also known as the California Nurse Aide Registry, will require prospective CNA candidates to partake in a state-approved program. In order acquire the certification to be a nurse assistant in California, a minimum of 100 hours of supervised training and 60 hours of classroom instruction is needed.


Please take note that individuals who have received equivalent instruction in a similar capacity may also qualify for certification as a CNA. Pearson VUE in California provides the certification via an NNAAP exam. You may also check the following links for further details.


How to Verify a California Nurse Assistant Certification

The California Department of Public Health website provides the opportunity for employers to verify the status of prospective CNA candidates. To perform a search, a license number will be required.

Verification of Current Nurse Assistant Certification


How to Renew a Certification for California Nurse Assistants

The California CNA Registry allows the renewal of certificates every 24 months under the following conditions:

  • Completion of continuing education units worth 48 hours during the candidate’s most recent certification period.
  • The candidate has performed paid work within his/her most recent certification period.

Under the condition that only one or none of the aforementioned requirements have been met, the candidate must retake the competency evaluation exam in order to reactivate their certificate.

Application for Certification Renewal and/or Reactivation


How to Reinstate an Expired Nurse Aide Certificate

CNAs in California are required to renew their certification every two (2) years. The process will vary depending on the following conditions:

  • An application for renewal can be accomplished provided that the certificate has expired within the last two (2) years.
  • If more than two (2) years have passed since the expiration of the certificate, completion of a state-approved program worth 75 hours of training and evaluation is needed.


How to Transfer and Out-of-state CNA Certification

Provided that the applicant is currently holding an active certificate and is in good standing, he/she may transfer their certificate to the California Nurse Aide Registry by reciprocity.

Reciprocity Application Forms for CNAs


For further inquiries,  you may contact the California Nurse Aide Registry at:

California Nurse Aide Registry
CNA/HHA/CHT Certification Unit
Licensing and Certification Program
1615 Capitol Avenue,
Sacramento, CA 95899
Phone: (916) 327-2445