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CNA Skill Fluid Intake

The CNA skill of fluid intake may be on your state’s CNA exam. This involves measuring how much fluids the resident that you are caring for drank. This is an important skill for a CNA to know how to properly record and track. The evaluation of fluid intake for a resident and can be critical to a resident’s healthy. Properly measuring fluid intake will be a part of the skills test in many states.  . 

To learn all the necessary steps for this skill, please watch this CNA Skills Fluid Intake for a complete demonstration of the skill.


CNA Skill – Fluid Intake

The process for fluid intake measurement on a CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. The candidate will have one 4 oz. container and two 8 oz. containers. 
  2. For testing, the resident will drink 25%, 50% or 75% of the container. 
  3. The candidate must evaluate the percentage drank, determine that in ounces and then calculate the mLs drank. 
  4. For example, if the resident drank 25% of the 8 oz. container, that would be 2 oz. This would be 60 MLs since 1 oz. equals 30 mL. 
  5. Be sure to measure what the candidate drank, not the amount of fluid left in the container. 
  6. The same procedure would be measured with a 4 oz. container, again remembering to measure what has be taken in by the resident, as well as remembering that 1 oz. equals 30 mLs. 
  7. You will take your measurements and record the three containers on your recording sheet. 

* Please be sure to consult the testing materials provided by the skills test provider in your state to ensure that these steps for CNA Skill Fluid Intake are in compliance. The procedure in different states and from different test providers can vary slightly and greatly affect your score.