CNA Skills Donning and Removing PPE Gown and Gloves

Donning and Removing PPE Gown and Gloves

CNAs are required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) at various times when dealing with patients. This is for both their sanitary safety and for the safety of patients. The CNA skill of donning and removing your PPE gown and gloves is something that you may be tested on as part of your CNA skills exam as you work towards your CNA certification. 

To learn all the necessary steps for this skill, please watch this video for a complete demonstration for donning and removing PPE gown and gloves. 

CNA Skill – Donning and Removing PPE Gown and Gloves

The process for donning and removing PPE gown and gloves during the CNA skills exam is as follows:

  1. Remove your lab jacket. Take the PPE gown and gloves out of the protective packaging. 
  2. Do not fling the gown in the air, carefully put it on one arm at a time, then tie the strings in the neck area
  3. Be sure to tie the strings in a bow, not a knot. 
  4. Pull your cuffs partially over your hands
  5. Make sure the cuffs of the gown are covered by the gloves
  6. To remove the PPE, expose the cuff and with one glove hand, remove one of your gloves.
  7. To safely remove the second glove, take your ungloved hand, pinch your cuff and slip your finger underneath the pinched cuff. Do not touch your gown.
  8. Turn the gloves inside out and dispose of them
  9. Then, untie the next portion of the gown, without touching the gown. 
  10. Untie the waist area. 
  11. Slide the finger underneath one of the cuffs of your gown and slide off. 
  12. Do the same on the other arm. 
  13. Take the gown and flip it in so the contaminated area is folded in. 
  14. Dispose of the gown.  
  15. Wash your hands,

* Please be sure to consult the testing materials provided by the skills test provider in your state to ensure that these steps for CNA Skill Donning and Removing PPE gown and gloves are in compliance. The procedure in different states and from different test providers can vary slightly and greatly affect your score.