District of Columbia Nurse Aide Registry

Initial Requirements for New CNAs in DC

Pearson VUE manages the nurse registry within the state of Washington DC while also administering the National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program (NNAAP) competency examination. The initial requirements for new CNAs in DC are as follows:

  • Apply and complete a CNA program approved by the state.
  • Achieve a passing score from the NNAAP competency exam.


Verifying a CNA Certification DC

The Department of Health within Washington DC provides an online portal that can be searched by any potential CNA’s certification status.

Search the Registry


Certification Renewal for CNAs in DC

CNAs in Washington DC are only allowed to hold their certificates for two (2) years before renewal. Renewal eligibility will depend on the following criteria:

  • Has performed a minimum of eight (8) hours of compensated nurse-related service within the latest certification period.
  • Has successfully completed twenty four (24) hours of continuing education within the latest certification period.

Renewal Application


Reinstatement of Expired Certificates in DC

The following are the criteria for certificate reinstatement with corresponding solutions:

  • For licenses that have lapsed for less than two (2) years; the CNA in question must take and pass an examination and apply for certification.
  • For licenses that have lapsed for more than two (2) years; the CNA in question must complete a training program approved by the state, take and pass the exam, and apply for certification.

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Out-of-State Certification Transfer to DC

A CNA that has acquired his/her certification outside of DC, provided that the certification in question is currently active and unencumbered, is eligible for transfer to DC. They must apply for certification by endorsement and will be listed on the DC Nurse Aide Registry after meeting the requirements.

Application for Certification by Endorsement

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If you have additional questions, you may contact the District of Columbia Nurse Aide Registry at:

DC Nurse Aide Registry
District of Columbia Department of Health
899 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 442-5955