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Georgia Nurse Aide Registry

Becoming a CNA in Georgia

In order to become a CNA in Georgia, applicants will need to complete an 80-hour state-approved program by the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment or NNAAP exam. This exam consists of a written or oral knowledge test (English or Spanish) and a skill evaluation test (English only). Applicants are given three chances in either of the aforementioned tests. Applicants that fail three times will be required to re-train to be eligible for re-examination.


Verifying your Georgia CNA Certification Status

You may browse the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry website to verify any nursing assistant’s certification status.

Certification Verification


Renewing your Georgia CNA Certification

Nursing assistants are instructed to renew their certificates every 24 months as per the requirements of the Georgia CNA Registry. You may fill out the renewal application form below in order to renew your certificate.

Renewal Application Form


Dealing with a Lapsed CNA Certificate

A CNA with an expired certificate will be required to retake a test at an approved site before they are allowed to renew their certification. Please take note that candidates with certificates that has already expired for three or more years must retake a state-approved training program and exam by NNAAP to have their license re-certified.

Application to reinstate an expired license


CNA Certificate Transfer via Reciprocity

The following are required in order to transfer a certificate via reciprocity:

  • Candidates coming from a another state must verify their certification first  prior to applying.
  • Certificate must currently be active and in good standing in the state they are certified.
  • Completion of 8 hours of minimum paid nursing-related activities.

Application for Certification through the Process of Reciprocity


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry at:

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry
GA Health Partnership – GMCF
1455 Lincoln Parkway East, Suite 750
Atlanta, GA 30346-2200
Phone: 678-527-3010 (local)
Or 800-414-4358