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Idaho Nurse Aide Registry

Idaho Nurse Aide Registry
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Idaho Nurse Aide Registry
3232 Elder Street, P.O. Box 83720, Boise, Idaho 83720
Phone: (800) 748-2480

Becoming a CNA in Idaho

Candidates who want to be listed in the Idaho CNA Registry will need to accomplish the following steps:

  • Completion of a 120-hour CNA program approved by the state.
  • Pass a skills-based test within 6 months after completing the aforementioned CNA program.
  • Pass a written exam within 12 months after completing the aforementioned CNA program.

Candidates are given three chances with both exams. In the event that a candidate fails three times at these exams, they will be required to undergo training from an approved training provider before qualifying for further tests.

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How Do I Check a CNA Registry Status in Idaho?

Prometric’s website facilitates the verification of any CNA’s registry status by clicking on the link below:

Idaho Nurse Aide Registry

How Do I Renew a CNA Certificate in Idaho?

CNAs in the state of Idaho are required to renew their certificates every 2 years. Another prerequisite is to engage in 8 hours of paid work in any nursing-related capacity.

Application for certification renewal

How Do I Reinstate a Lapsed CNA Certificate?

CNAs who have failed to do the 8-hour paid nursing-related activity within the last 2 years must retake both the skills and written exams to reinstate their certificate.

Application to re-test to reinstate an expired license

How Do I Transfer a Out of State CNA Certification in Idaho?

The Idaho CNA Registry doesn’t require its candidates to retake any CNA instructional program which also include nurses and physicians. However, anyone with a bad record or has any negative action in their history will have their application revoked.

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