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Illinois Nurse Aide Registry

Illinois CNA Registry
Illinois Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62761
Phone 844-789-3676
Fax 217-524-0137
TTY 800-547-0466

How to be a CNA in Illinois

In order to become a CNA in the state of Illinois, candidates will need to undergo and pass the Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program or BNATP. Once that has been accomplished, the next step is to pass the Nursing Assistant Training Competency Evaluation Program or NATCEP which is divided into two parts, the manual skills and the written competency test.

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How Do I Verify a CNA License in Illinois?

A CNA license can be verified in the state of Illinois by the following methods:


How Do I Get a CNA License Recertified in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires CNAs to renew their certification every 24 months to be able to continue working. It’s worth noting that candidates are not required to undergo any training or exams provided that the said license has been renewed within the allotted period of 24 months.

Certified Nursing Assistant Facts


How Do I Get a Lapsed CNA Certificate Reinstated in Illinois?

CNAs who are unable to do paid work in any nursing-related capacity within the allotted 2 years will need to reinstate their lapsed certification which can be remedied by doing the following:

  • Take and pass a manual skills performance test
  • Take and pass a written competency test

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Recertification Information

How Do I Transfer an Out-of-state CNA Certification in Illinois?

CNAs coming from another state are entitled to have their certification transferred to the state of Illinois provided that:

  • They’re officially deemed competent from the origin state
  • They’re officially licensed as a CNA from the state of origin
  • They’re free from any liability or conviction

NOTE: An application form must be completed and sent to the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Nurse Assistant/Aide Testing, in order to process the transfer of certification.

Out-of-State Nurse Aide Application to Become an Illinois Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)