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Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry

Kentucky SRNA Registry
312 Whittington Pky, Suite 300-A
Louisville, KY 40222-5172
Phone: (502) 429-3347
Fax: (502) 696-3957

Becoming an SRNA (State Registered Nurse Aide) in Kentucky

An aspiring SRNA must undergo a state-approved training program in the state of Kentucky which consists of a clinical and written exam currently administered by the Kentucky Technical and Community College. Once successfully completed, you will be added to the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry. Thus, enabling you to become an SRNA.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services provides a comprehensive list of approved instruction providers. You can reach them via the contact number: (502) 564-6890.

Useful Links:


Verifying an SRNA Certification in Kentucky

An SRNA certification status can be verified by utilizing the SRNA Number on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry website using the link below:



SRNA Certification Renewal in Kentucky

SRNA certification is valid for 24 months. To maintain its validity, SRNAs are required to do 8 hours or more of any compensated nursing-related service. Remember that you will be reminded two months prior to expiration of the said certification.

Information on Registration Renewal



Reinstating a Lapsed SRNA Certification

If for any reason you are unable to do 8 hours of nursing-related compensated work within 2 years after getting certified, you will be required to retake the competency exam. However, you can still file for certification renewal even if your certification has expired provided that you have done 8 hours of nursing-related compensated work.

Reinstatement of Lapsed Registration



Transferring Out-of-state SRNA Certification

SRNAs with active certificates from another state that are also in good standing are deemed eligible for transfer to Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry. In cases where the transferee is in good standing but with expired certification, retraining and retaking any pertinent exam will be required. Please provide the following in order to process the transfer request:

  • Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Telephone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • State Transferring From
  • Certification/Registration Number
  • Copies of your social security card, driver’s license and state nurse aide certification

CNA License Transfer to Kentucky

Name and Address Change