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Kansas Nurse Aide Registry

Kansas Nurse Aide Registry
Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Health Occupations Credentialing
1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 200, Topeka, KS 66612
License Verification: (785) 296-6877
Nurse Aide Registry: (785) 296-0059


How to Become a CNA in Kansas

Completing the classes along with passing the CNA exams is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to work as a nurse aide in the state of Kansas. One of the requirements for the training is to complete a 90-hour undertaking approved by state.

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How to Verify your CNA Certification in Kansas

In order to verify your CNA certification status in Kansas, please click on the link below. Next, click on the “Certification Verification” button. Be reminded that a Social Security Number or SSN will be required in order to complete this process.

Certification Verification



How to Renew your CNA Certification in Kansas

In Kansas, your CNA certification is considered expired if you fail to reach a minimum of 8 hours of paid work in the last 2 years. However, if the prerequisite has already met but the current status is still inactive, the employer must complete the form below:

CNA Certification In Kansas


How to Reinstate a Lapsed CNA Certificate

If you have not been active within the last 2 years, your certificate is considered lapsed and is therefore in need of reinstatement. There are two ways of reinstating a lapsed certification:

  • Take a refresher course.
  • Complete a set of task from a predetermined checklist from a hospital, long-term care facility, in a school laboratory setting with the exception of a home health agency.

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How to Transfer an Out-of-state CNA Certification

Nurse aides whose certification has been obtained outside of Kansas must take and pass the Kansas Nurse Aide Test prior to having their certification transferred to the Kansas Registry. However, a complete redo of instruction will not be necessary. Please bear in mind that the Kansas Nurse Aide Test can only be taken once.

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Interstate Application

Name or Address Change Form