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Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry
Direct Service Worker Registry
P.O. Box 3767, Baton Rouge,
LA 70821-3767
Phone (225) 342-0138 (Opt. 6)
Fax (225) 342-5073


Becoming a CNA in Louisiana

Becoming a new CNA in Louisiana can be achieved by following these steps:

  • Apply for an application-to-test form and CNA Training Verification Form to Prometric.
  • Successful completion of the skills and knowledge tests in the competency examination. This consists of 40 hours of clinical experience plus 40 hours of classroom training for a combined total 80 hours.

Useful Links:

CNA Certification Verification in Louisiana

Verifying a CNA certification status can done by visiting the Nurse Aide Registry website of Louisiana. Keep in mind that necessary credentials will be needed in order to perform such a query.

Click Here to Verify the Status


Renewing Certificate for CNAs in Louisiana

A certificate is automatically renewed within the Louisiana CNA Registry during midnight at the last day of expiration provided that the necessary work hours have been met. However, failure to comply with the said requirement will result in the revocation of the said certification. In some cases wherein the status is erroneously declared as “not certified”, requesting your employer to update your status in the CNA Registry is in order.

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Reinstating a Lapsed CNA Certificate

  • A certificate that has yet to reach the expiration limit of 24 months is entitled for reinstatement. A CNA may opt to file an application-to-test form along with its associated fees to Prometric. Please be reminded that this procedure can only be once and if proven unsuccessful, retraining will then ensue.
  • On the other hand, if the CNA in question has undergone retraining within the past 12 months but has unsuccessfully applied for a reinstatement, they will be required to submit an application-to-test form plus a training verification with its associated fees to Prometric. This route is allotted for three (3) attempts before retraining is required.

Check eligibility to re-test



An Out-of-state Transferring of a CNA Certification

CNAs that are currently in good standing from their state of origin may opt to transfer their certification via reciprocity by submitting a form from Prometric’s website along with any necessary fees.

Application for certification by reciprocity