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Nevada Nurse Aide Registry

Initial Nurse Aide Certification in Nevada

Starting a career as a CNA in Nevada requires the completion of a total of 75 hours of training program, 15 hours of which is direct care under the supervision of a registered nurse. The next step is to pass the CNA exam that is divided into knowledge and skills. The applicant’s name will then be added to the state registry once all the requirements have been fulfilled. A $50 fee will be allocated for the exam.

Useful Links:


Online License Verification for CNAs

An applicant can verify his/her certification status by simply clicking on the link below and filling out the necessary details.

License / Certificate Verification

Certificate Renewal for Nurse Aides in Nevada

Eligible CNAs are given a 2-year renewal period provided that they meet the minimum eligibility requirements. A 60-day period is allotted prior to the expiration. Renewal application is processed online via a nurse portal. The following are the eligibility requirements for the renewal process:

  • Completion of 24 hours of CE (continuing education) within the last 24 months.
  • Completion of 40 hours of employment as a CNA in the last 24 months.

Apply to renew


Recertification of a Lapsed CNA Certificate

The inability to perform nurse-related work and/or the failure to complete continuing education will result in the ineligibility for CNA certificate reinstatement. To continue working legally as a CNA, retraining in a state-approved program along with retaking a CNA exam will be required.


Out-of-state CNA Certification via Endorsement

To be transferred in the Nevada Nurse Aide Registry, applicants must currently be active as a CNA in their state of origin while also be free from issues that would revoke their license. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Documents that certifies that an applicant has reached the 8 hour minimum of nurse-related work during the last 24 months.
  • Endorsement application handed over by the state from which the license was obtained.
  • Out-of-state certificate copy that is currently active.

Endorsement form


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Nevada Nurse Aide Registry at:

Nevada CNA Registry 
State Board of Nursing
5011 Meadow Mall Way, #201, Reno, NV 89502
Phone: (775) 688-2620 or (800) 746-3980
License Verification: (888) 590-6726
Fax: (775) 688-2628