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New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry

Initial CNA Certification in New Jersey

An applicant that plans on pursuing a career as an LNA must meet the following criteria in accordance to the standards by the state registry. These are:

  • Successful completion of the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Program (NATCEP) consisting of 40 hours of clinical work and 50 hours of academic participation.
  • Pass a background check.

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LNA Certificate Verification

You can have your license easily verified by providing pertinent details such as your first name, last name, and license number in the link below.

Online Public Registry



Nurse Aide Certificate Renewal in New Jersey

Nurse aides are required to have their license renewed every 2 years in the New Jersey State Registry. The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Current holder of an active certificate
  • Free from any license suspension or revocation
  • Has passed a criminal background check before the expiration date
  • Has performed at least 7 hours of compensated nurse-related services within the last 2 years prior to the certificate expiration date

A renewal reminder with a renewal form will be sent to candidates 60 days before the expiration of their license.

Candidate Bulletin



Reinstatement of a Lapsed LNA Certificate

The Department of Health can issue a waiver to any certificate holder that has lapsed for more than five years can for reinstatement. However, a lapsed certificate holder must first retrain and pass both the skills and written examination before being considered for reinstatement.

In cases where the expiration is less than five years, applicants must pass both the skills evaluation and written examination without retraining. However, failure to pass any of the examinations will entail retraining before being admitted for a retest. After the requirements have been satisfied, a waiver form can then be submitted to the Department of Health.

Candidate Bulletin



Out-of-State Certification Transfer via Reciprocity

CNAs that have obtained their license from another state can opt to transfer to New Jersey if they:

  • Have proof of successfully passing the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Program (NATCEP)
  • Currently in good standing from the state where the certification was obtained from
  • Have passed a background check

To apply for certification by reciprocity, call 1-877-774-4243.

Application by Reciprocity Information



If you have additional questions, you may contact the New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry at:

New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry
NJ Department of Health
Certification Program – Certificate of Need and Licensing
P.O. Box 358
25 South Stockton Street, Trenton, NJ 08608-1832
Phone: 866-561-5914
Fax: 609-633-9087