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New York Nursing Aide Registry

How to Become a CNA in New York

An applicant in New York is required to enroll and pass from a state approved CNA program to be considered a viable CNA candidate. Next is to pass both the clinical and written/oral parts of the competency examination. After meeting the said requirements, the applicant can be finally be accepted into NY Registry as Licensed Nurse Aide or LNA.

There are also optional routes that an aspiring LNA candidate can take in order to work in NY which can be found in the candidate information bulletin link below.


How to Verify a CNA Certification in New York

Prometric’s website provides a page where anyone can verify a CNA certification status by entering the First Name, Last Name, and Certificate Number of the CNA in question.

New York State Nurse Aide Registry


Renewing a CNA Certification in NY

A CNA’s certification expires during the last of the day of the month when the last certificate was obtained which happens every 2 years. The CNA in question will receive a reminder 45 days prior to the expiration of his/her certificate. To be eligible for certification renewal, the CNA in question must have performed seven hours or more of compensated work in any capacity as a nurse aide.

Certification Renewal Application


Reinstating a Lapsed LNA Certificate in New York

A licensed nurse aide must reinstate their certification under the following conditions:

  • Does not meet the minimum eligibility requirements for renewing the certification in question,


  • Employer of the CNA in question has not been approved by the New York State Department of Health or NYSDOH

Online Application


Transferring an Out of State Certification to New York

Reciprocity is granted to applicants that are currently active as a nurse aide and has never suffered any penalty to jeopardize their standing as licensed nursing assistant. The next requirement is to file an application with the corresponding fees. Proof of employment will also be required if the state where the certification was obtained does not provide expiration dates from its nurse registry. Another factor to consider is if the applicant as performed work as a nurse aide for seven hours or more in their last tenure as a LNA.


If you have additional questions, you may contact the New York Nurse Aide Registry at:

New York Nursing Home Nurse Aide Registry
NY State Department of Health – Bureau of Professional Credentialing
161 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY 12054-1393
Phone: (518) 408-1297
The online Nurse Aide Registry is managed by Prometric.
License Verification: (800) 918-8818