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Ohio Nurse Aide Registry

Obtaining your First STNA Certification in Ohio

A would-be nurse aide in the state of Ohio can obtain his/her first CNA certification, which in Ohio is referenced as State Tested Nursing Aides (STNAs) by accomplishing the following:

  • Successful completion of a STNA instructional program approved by the state of Ohio.
  • Earn a passing score in both the clinical and classroom exam from the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Program (NATCEP).

Once all of the requirements listed above have been met, the applicant’s name will be included in the nurse aide registry. However, candidates are only granted with three (3) attempts to pass the exam from the NATCEP.

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Alternative methods to Get Certified in Ohio

Applicants that wish to apply for a nurse aide certificate but are unable to meet the requirements as mentioned above can still become CNAs if they fall under one of the following categories:

  • Nursing Students
  • Foreign-Trained Nurses or Nurse Aides
  • Hospital orderlies or aides
  • Other occupations in direct patient care

Headmaster information on certification routes

Candidate handbook


STNA Certification Verification in Ohio

There may come a time when a STNA’s certification status needs to get verified. In order to do this, the provided link below can be utilized by providing details such as registry number, first name, last name, and SSN number.

Nurse Aide Search


Renewing STNA Certificates in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health requires nurse aides that are currently active to renew their certification every 2 years to remain active. Nurse aides will receive a renewal form sent by Ohio Department of Health which needs to be sent back prior to expiration. Another requirement is for the applicant to have performed at least 8 hours of nurse-related work within a 48-hour period or a minimum of 7.5 consecutive hours in the last 2 years of the certification period.

Headmaster information on certification routes


Reinstatement of a Lapsed Nurse Aide Certificate

In cases where the nurse aide fails to have his/her certification renewed, they will be required to pass both parts of the competency evaluation exam in order to have his/her certification reinstated.

Headmaster information on certification routes


Transferring an Out-of-State Certification via Reciprocity

A STNA whose certificate has been obtained out of state can be listed in the Ohio registry via reciprocity. The Ohio Department of Health will give out applications by phone if requested. If the candidate meets the requirements, he/she will be granted certification via reciprocity.

Certification by reciprocity procedure


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry at:

Ohio Nurse Aide Registry
Ohio Department of Health/Nurse Aides
246 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 752-9500 or (614) 752-8285