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Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry

Initial License Requirements for CNAs in Rhode Island

Applicants that plan on pursuing a career as nurse assistants must meet the requirements set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Health. These are:

  • Undergo 100 hours or more of in a training program approved by the state which also includes 20 hours of clinical participation.
  • Achieve a passing score from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program consisting of knowledge and skills evaluation

Useful Links:

License Verification for Rhode Island Nursing Assistants

Applicants seeking to have their license verified can visit the Rhode Island Department of Health website. The link is available below.

Find Licenses: Department of Health


Renewal of CNA Licenses in Rhode Island

License renewal is a requirement done every two (2) years and is a must for CNAs that want to continue working. Re-testing and re-application will depend on whether the license renewal has been achieved in a timely fashion. Applicants are required to provide proof of work done entailing at least eight (8) or more of compensated nurse-related service within the last 2 years of the certification period.

Renew online


Reinstating a Lapsed Nurse Aide License in Rhode Island

Failure to meet the minimum criteria, that is the requirements mentioned above for license renewal, will result in a different set of requirements prior to being eligible for license reinstatement. Specifically, this entails retaking the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program or NNAAP exam, consisting of skills and knowledge-based portions.

Application for Licensure by Examination


Transferring an Out-of-State Nurse Aide Certificate to Rhode Island

Nurse aides that wish to transfer their certification to the Rhode Island Nurse Registry may do so by endorsement from the state which the certification was obtained. In order to be eligible, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Must currently be in active status and in good standing from the state nurse registry the certification was obtained.
  • Has participated and successfully completed a training program consisting a total of 100 hours, 20 of which is made up of clinical practice.
  • Has been employed full-time for 3 months within the last year which includes 1 hour of in-service training for each month of employment.

Application for License by Endorsement


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry at:

Rhode Island Nursing Assistant Registry
Nurse Aide Registry
3 Capitol Hill, Room 105
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: (401) 222-5888
Fax: (401) 222-3352