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Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Becoming a New CNA in Texas

Becoming a new CNA in the state of Texas can be done in either two (2) ways: These are as follows:

  • Achieving a passing score in the competency evaluation program and successful completion of a CNA program approved by the state. The NATCEPS consists of one hundred (100) hours or more which includes sixty (60) hours of classroom instruction and forty (40) hours of clinical practice.
  • Qualify for placement on the TNAR by reciprocity or waiver.

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Verifying a CNA Certificate in Texas

The Texas Board of Nursing website provides a portal for easy license verification. You can either search by Name, License Number, or NCSBN ID.

Board of Nursing License Verification Portal


Renewal of CNA Certificates in Texas

Licensed nurse aides in the state of Texas are required to have their licenses renewed every two (2) years. Renewal grants will depend on whether the applicant is able to perform twenty four (24) hours of in-service education within the past two (2) years. Bear in mind that twelve (12) hours of the required twenty four (24) hours may be performed outside of healthcare facilities licensed/certified by HHS, the Texas Department of State Health Services or the Texas Board of Nursing.


Lapsed CNA Certificates in Texas

CNAs with lapsed certificates can have their license reactivated provided that they can show proof of qualifying employment. Else, the applicant in question will be required to undergo retraining and/or retaking a test.

Employee Misconduct Registry Search System

Revoked Certificate

Having a revoked license means that a CNA cannot be accepted in a nursing facility within the state of Texas and is a result of incurring substantiate neglect, abuse, or misappropriation of resident property.

Employee Misconduct Registry Search System

Suspended Certificate

A CNA with a suspended license is deemed unemployable in the EMR. These candidates are unemployable in a facility or agency regulated by the Health and Human Services.

Employee Misconduct Registry Search System


Out-of-State LNA Certificate Transfer via Reciprocity

Any CNA applicant that wishes to have his/her certificate transferred to the Texas Nurse Registry may do so if the certificate in question is currently active and in good standing from the state where the certification was obtained.

Application for Certification by Reciprocity


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at:

Texas Nurse Aide Registry
Texas Dept. of Aging & Disability Services – Licensing & Credentialing Regulatory Services
701 W. 51st St., Austin, Texas 78751
Phone: (512) 438-2050
Fax: (512) 438-2052
License Verification: (800) 452-3934