The CNA Uniform: Scrubs and More

The job of a CNA is very hands on, with specific physical responsibilities as they work in the health care setting. As such, they are required to have the proper attire. The typical CNA outfit is the scrub. The scrub is the most common type of job uniform that CNAs wear, regardless of what state they are working in.

What to wear for CNA clinical trials:

It is critical to make a good first impression with your patients/clients, your coworkers and also your school if you are still in a school setting. For those CNA candidates who are getting ready to conduct their clinical trials, it is important that they adhere to the school’s dress code. Flashy, colorful, attention getting clothes are not typical for CNA outfits. You are there to be a care giver first, bringing minimal attention to yourself. Some CNA schools may turn away students who not dressed in the CNA scrubs.

You may have heard terms being thrown around, such as CNA scrubs. A scrub is just one type of CNA uniform that CNAs can wear to do their work. So what are some things you should know about the typical scrub? The typical scrub top has pockets on it large enough for a patient/client’s medicine or your penlight

Here are some common CNA outfit tips for working as a CNA:

1) The scrub (light blue top and dark blue pants or skirt). Different states may have different colors for their uniforms; however light blue seems to be the most common CNA scrub color.

2) Clean – the CNA outfit must be clean. In states wear the preferred scrub color is white, make sure your outfit is looking spotless. If it is blue, pay attention to any fading issues. Additionally, make sure that you have disinfected your outfit prior to each shift, removing any stains.

3) Avoid wearing loose jewelry. You will be working closely with patients/clients. Loose jewelry can be a distraction or even potentially be a hazard. Be sure to remove or properly secure any bracelets and necklaces.

4) It is also critical that you wear the proper footwear. CNAs are on their feet all shift long. Make sure to wear comfortable, durable shoes. It is also important to keep shoes clean and disinfected.

As with any job, how you look plays a role in your overall professionalism, demeanor and performance. For those CNA candidates preparing for their clinical trials, getting in the habit of wearing a CNA uniform of clean scrubs, proper shoes and minimal jewelry will prepare you for success. CNAs have some of the most hands on roles in the health care field. Be dressed with the proper CNA outfit is important for a successful career.