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Washington Nurse Aide Registry

Initial Certification Requirements for CNAs in Washington

The initial certification requirements for CNAs in Washington are as follows:

  1. Required Training – the first requirement for would-be CNAs is to complete a training program approved by the state consisting of eighty five (85) hours in total, fifty (50) hours of which are devoted to clinical practice while the remaining thirty five (35) hours are reserved for classroom training.
  2. Examination – those that have completed the training program will receive account activation instructions, which will then be used to activate their account and schedule a test provided by Pearson Vue.

Once both parts of requirements have been met, the candidate’s name will be added to the CNA Registry in Washington.

Useful Links

Certification Verification for CNAs in Washington

The open data portal for the State of Washington provides a search page for those seeking for a way to verify any CNA’s certification status.


Renewing a License for CNAs in Washington

CNAs working in the state of Washington are only permitted to hold their license for one (1) year. Sixty (60) days prior to the date of expiration, the Department of Health will send a notice for renewal. Applicants can have their license renewed online, in person, or via mail. The minimum eligibility for license renewal is to have performed at least eight (8) hours of work during the latest certification period.


Lapsed CNA License Reinstatement

Nurse aide applicants that fail to have their license renewed will need to have their license reinstated. The criteria for license reinstatement only applies to the following:

  • CNAs that are unable to perform mandatory work consisting of eight (8) hours of compensated nurse-related service within the latest certification period.
  • CNAs that have failed to renew their certificate within three (3) years of the expiry date on their certificate.


Transferring an Out-of-State License via Endorsement

CNA applicants from other states within the USA are automatically eligible for license transfer via endorsement. The process are listed below:

  • Download and print the certification by endorsement packet
  • Complete the first part of the credential verification form
  • Send the application to your home state’s registry

The certificate holder needs to have a certificate designated as active and must be unencumbered to be considered eligible for transfer.

Certification by Endorsement Packet


If you have additional questions, you may contact the Washington Nurse Aide Registry at:

OBRA Nursing Assistant Registry
Washington State Department of Health
PO Box 45600, Olympia, WA 98504-5600
(360) 725-2597